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Tokkies Travel

Cancellation policy

We regret to hear of your cancellation but these things happen.

The cancellation of a booking must be made in writing. Cancellations are only effective after receipt of written notification, after which the following maximum cancellation fees apply to depend on the respective circumstances:

  • At the time of booking confirmation – 25% of the tour price
  • 30 days in advance – 100% of the tour price.

Under normal circumstances, all of these eventualities should be covered by the guest’s personal travel insurance.

Please note that the tour can be postponed by the customer until further notice, as businesses have an annual increase of no more than 10% of the total value per year. This can be added to annual renewal.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that you arrange your own travel insurance. Not only for your own peace of mind but also to cover you in the event of possible tour cancellation, emergency evacuation, medical and repatriation expenses as well damage/loss/theft of your personal belongings, camera equipment, money, and the like.

Contact Detail

It is important that you give me the contact detail of your next of kin or a friend whom I could contact in the event of an emergency. 


Please note that Tokkies Travel cannot be held responsible for any of the above.

Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure (the date you end your holiday) from Namibia/Botswana etc.

Traveling with minors – for parents traveling with children under the age of 18 into or out of South Africa, Namibia or Botswana – you need to have the child’s full unabridged birth certificate with you. See this link for more information.

Please check on the internet or an Embassy whether you require a VISA to be arranged in advance or whether you can obtain it at the point of entry. In some cases, it can take up to 3 months for Visas to be issued so please do not leave this to the last minute. Please note that we cannot arrange Visas from our side as the application requires your signature as well as the actual passport to be endorsed.

The same applies to any possible vaccinations. Your doctor should be able to advise you.

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