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Tokkies Travel has a wide variety of Accommodations from Camping to Five Star Luxury Hotels all over the world for you to choose from.


Airline Tickets

With the help of our internal booking system Tokkies Travel guarantees the best route + most cost effective route to suite your needs.


Group Travel Arrangements

Tokkies Travel caters for group travel arrangements from small to large groups.


Business Travel Arrangements

Business travel is meant to be quick and cost effective and with the help of our internal booking system we will source the best and most cost effective itineraries, enabling you to make an informed decision


Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon packages are constructed for each individual couple in order to make it unique and to ensure that the couple gets the best possible honeymoon package.


Visa Applications

Visas are one of the major concerns when travelling to different countries. It is always best to make sure whether a visa is required for that specific country and whether you need a transiting visa for any of your transiting countries.


Car Rental Arrangements

We can arrange anything from small sedan cars to fully equipped 4×4 vehicles.


Local Activities

In Namibia, we have a number of activities to make your holiday an unforgettable one. From township tours, dolphin cruises to more adventurous activities such as skydiving and quadbiking.


Airline Loyalty

At Tokkies Travel we want our clients to get the most out of their reservations. All Incentives earned through airline programmes are passed onto clients. SA Airways and Air Namibia are only two examples of airlines with loyalty programmes in place.

Popular Tours

Tours which our agency focuses more on, these are our main tours.


Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest coral reef system – known as the Great Barrier Reef – is the earth’s largest living structure. Stretching over a distance of more than 2,300 kilometers, the Great Barrier Reef is also visible from space. It consists of more than 900 islands and around 2,900 reefs.

A marine park was established in 1975 with the purpose of providing protection to the delicate ecosystem of the region.
The park covers around 600 islands, 300 coral cays and over 3,000 coral reefs. Located on the continent’s east cost, this spectacular structure is deemed as one of the planet’s seven natural wonders.
For tourists and nature lovers, underwater viewing stations have been established in addition to glass bottom boats.

More adventurous visitors can also indulge in snorkeling and deep sea diving.



At the top of the list of European tourist attractions is Rome.

Those who are interested in tasting the Italian culture and visiting fascinating historic sites would love to travel to the capital of Italy.

Popular Destinations

Places which our agency focuses more on, these are our main destinations.

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